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 Making Room – Making Money

You may not think you own many things, but packing for a Bury House Removals will reveal many years’ worth of belongings you forgot you even owned. Though it’s often easier and therefore more tempting to drive most of your old junk to the local tip, it’s important to remember that what might seem useless to you may be of value to someone else.

Bury-Removals- Making-Room-Makin- Money2Moving house in Bury is expensive, and it’s more than worth taking some time to sort through your things to salvage items you can sell, as well as items that are of good enough quality to donate to deserving causes.removals Bury
Furniture and old appliances are a good place to start if you want to downsize your belongings, raise some extra cash or create a little bit more room in your rental van. Selling big items through the internet or using local advertising methods will give you more space and more money. Save time and effort by advertising big unwanted goods pick-up only, or charge a small delivery fee to take the goods to their new home.
If your house is full of big items that you no longer want or need, you might want to consider advertising them online as collection-only freebies. You may not want your old bedside tables, but to someone who’s just moved into their new unfurnished home they could be of great value!

This will also save you the time and effort of disposing of larger unwanted items. Similarly, many charity shops will collect unwanted furniture items for free, so it’s worth checking to see if your local shops offer this service if you don’t want the hassle of advertising your wares. If you decide to donate furniture, be aware that many places will refuse to take items that have been painted!

Organising packing for Bury removals
Organising packing for Bury removals

If you’re moving with your family encourage younger ones to sort through their unwanted toys and too-small clothes. It may prove harder to sell things that are of lower value, and you may find that it isn’t worth your time and effort. Instead of binning unwanted items, try to donate them to worthy causes, providing they’re in good condition! Recycling your unwanted goods is always preferable to just throwing them away.
Scour your local newspaper and keep an eye out for any car boot or jumble sales where you might want to set up shop. Load your car with things you think are likely to sell, and whatever remains at the end of the day can be dropped off at a local charity shop. This is a good and easy way to off-load lots of your unwanted items in just one trip.
Downsizing you wardrobe? There are many shops that offer to buy unwanted clothes by the kilo, a great and fuss-free way to make a bit of extra cash and a bit of extra storage space!
It’s always tempting to hold onto items that you don’t necessarily need, but if you’re moving to a smaller home this can be problematic. When rifling through your possessions question whether or not you will use the item, and whether or not it is of more use to someone else. If you decide you don’t want the item, try to donate or sell it rather than bin it!

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