Bury Removals Checklist

Your Bury Removals Move – The Day Before: A Checklist

So, you’ve only got one day to go before the big Bury removals Move to your new dream home. All of the boxes are packed, the Bury removals service will be coming in a few hours and you have said your goodbyes to the neighbours and the house itself. You need to be prepared for the big moving day and this checklist should help you in doing that. On a day such as this, it is important that nothing goes wrong and so by following this checklist you can ensure that no stone goes left unturned.

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Charge Your Phone
Where would we be, in this day and age, without our mobile phones? They connect us to the outside world and we can call anywhere in the whole world with just the press of a button. Indeed, we all feel slightly lost without one.

Bury removals checklist
Bury removals checklist

Keeping your phone charged throughout the day of the move is imperative if we are to keep on top of things. If there is an emergency, or you need to contact friends and family, then a mobile phone is definitely useful. Don’t risk having a dead battery when you could need your phone the most.
Defrost the Freezer
Moving white goods is definitely one of the hardest parts of any move due to their bulky nature and obvious weight. What is more difficult than relocating a fridge or freezer? Having a freezer that is dripping water everywhere!

To ensure that this does not happen to you, unplug your freezer and leave it open all night so that the water can simply drain out of it. When you wake up, dry the inside of the freezer and duct tape the doors so that they do not fling open half way up or down the stairs!



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Pack A Day Bag

Finding all of your essential items in mountains of boxes is never an easy task. Once you have done all of the difficult process of moving your items to your new home, all you want to do is settle in for the night before starting the hard work of unpacking the next day.furniture movers bury

If you pack a bag full of what you need for the night and next day, then you will not have to go searching through all of those boxes and bags to find what you are looking for when you are already stressed!

Find a Good Takeaway
Once you have finished  your Bury moving all of your heavy bags, boxes and furniture into your new home, you will certainly need a good meal. Bury removals moving checklistAs it would take such a long time to unpack all of your kitchen equipment and then cook a meal, we recommend that you find a local takeaway with the food that you really love. No one wants to spend hours cooking and washing up when they have been moving home all day, so why not treat you and your family to a good takeaway meal after such a busy day?
Back-up Your Files
If you hire a professional Bury removals company, there should be no problems with any damages or breakages. But, these things can and do happen. As many of us rely on our computers for work and entertainment, you should take every precaution and back up your files before you leave your home. It only takes one wrong move and all of your work and music could be completely inaccessible in a broken computer. Backing up your files to a disc or external hard drive needn’t take long and you can then rest assured that your files are safe.


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