Movers in Bury

Movers in Bury

Bedframes, Sofas, and Wardrobes: Top Packing Tips for your Heavy Items

Moving house in Bury can be an unwanted but necessary hassle. After finding your dream home, you then have to get the funds together for a deposit, and then after that you have to think about what you need to pack, clean, and how you are going to transport all your worldly belongings to your new home.

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Packing up all your small bits and bobs shouldn’t be that hard – all you have to do is get a suitable amount of cardboard boxes or plastic containers and copious amounts of bubble-wrap and duct tape.


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What will prove more difficult to pack and transport is your heavy items – wardrobes,  bedframes, sofas, and mattresses – anything that can’t be easily moved by one or two people.

 Of course you could hire a Bury removal company who will do it all for you – no matter how  heavy a piece of furniture, removal men will take out of your house, into the van, and then out of the van and into your new house. However, if you are using a  Man and Van service or have hired out a vehicle to drive yourself, then you will need to tackle what seem like impossibly heavy items. But don’t fear; advice is here! These are just a few tips for moving the bigger and heavier items that you own:
1) Bedframes and Mattresses
If your bedframe was originally a flat-pack – and you still have the instructions – then try and deconstruct it. Transporting a bed when it’s all in one piece will take an enormous amount of transport space up. If you can deconstruct it into several smaller pieces, this will give you more space for all your other worldly belongings. As for mattresses, they of course can deconstruct. It is important to either put your mattress into the Bury Removal  van first, or put in last. If you put it in first, then make sure you line the wall of your van with it so it takes up as little space as possible. If you decide to make it the last item you put in the van, then you should be able to lay it on top of all your other belongings already in your van.
2) Sofas

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These can be the most difficult of all to transport. First things first – if you don’t already have a helping hand, enrol the help of your friends. Moving a sofa by yourself is downright impossible unless you’re a former World’s Strongest Man finalist. The most difficult part of transporting sofas is probably getting them out of the house and into the other – they are bulky things that need to be turned, dipped, and wriggled in order to get out of your living room and through narrow and winding corridors. But doing this becomes much easier once you do two things: take the legs off and remove the cushions. Most sofas will be on legs or wheels, and these should come off with ease, decreasing the dimensions of your sofa which will make that much easier to fit around corners and through door frames. Like with the legs, taking the cushions off will also make the width of your sofa smaller, again making it easier to transport.
3) Wardrobes
If you have a heavy wooden wardrobe, then moving it yourself could not only be near impossible, it could be a health hazard too. Lifting heavy items that simply aren’t meant to be lifted by one person is how hernias and back problems happen. When moving a wardrobe, make sure you have a friend or family member to help. They should be more than happy to oblige if you have been nice enough to them over the years.

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