Moving House In Bury

The Dos’ and Don’ts of Moving House in Bury with AA Removals Bury

Moving home is stressful and can often cause people to make ill informed decisions during their Bury move. Here is a light hearted look at how to manage the stress and not do anything stupid in the run up to your move.Bury Removal Quote

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Preparation for your Bury House Removal

Do prepare in advance. Packing and relocating your possessions are always a bigger task than you expect it to be. Plan ahead and prepare yourself, box things early and get yourself organised. Don’t just book a couple of days off before the move and hope for the best.


Moving house with AA REMOVALS BURY

* Pack Lightly

Do pack your boxes lightly so that they are easy to carry as well as easy to lift in and out of the Bury removal van. Don’t be tempted to over pack boxes or shove everything in the wardrobe and duct tape the doors shut. Trying to move these heavy things are dangerous and though it might make packing easier it will make moving a nightmare.

* Make an Inventory

Do make an inventory of what goes in to what box. It is best if you label the boxes with what is inside them as well as keeping a copy for yourself and for your Bury removal company. Don’t just put things in boxes and bags in no order. Though it seems simpler at the time, haphazard packing will make unpacking a nightmare. Be kind to your future self and write an inventory.

* Get Rid of Excess Clutter

Do get rid of anything you don’t need or want. Old clothes and kitchenware can go to charity shops or be sold on to make a bit of extra money. Old bedding and towels can be donated to animal rescue centres and anything else can be recycled through local recycling schemes. Don’t waste your time, effort and money packing it up and moving it to your new home with the intention of sorting through it at a later date. When you move to your new home the last thing you will want to do is sort through the things you want to keep and the things you don’t.

* Make an Essentials BoxBury Removals Family

Do make a list of everything you will need during your Bury move and the night before. This should all be put in to one box that is obviously different from the rest so that you can take it with you instead of it getting mixed up with the rest of the boxes in the removal van L1. Don’t just box everything up and hope for the best. You will be left cursing when you can’t locate the keys for your new place or that piece of paper you wrote the removal companies number on.

* Utilise Luggage

Do use suitcases and luggage to transport your belongings to your new home. If your suitcases have wheels they are ideal for transporting books and heavier items during your move. Don’t waste the space and fill them with odds and ends and light bulky items. It’s one thing using them to store junk in the loft but don’t do this during the move.

* Arrange Childcare

Do arrange for your children to be with friends or family during your moving day. Most children won’t deal well with the stress of the day so it is best to have them out of the equation and out from under your feet during the move. Don’t view them as an extra pair of hands and drag them along for the day. Children tire a lot quicker and they may find the move stressful and upsetting. Moving affects children in different ways and the last thing you want is to spend the majority of the day wiping snotty noses and battling the screams.

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