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A good storing ensures a good packing

Moving out always creates some tensions. You do not know what to take with you, and what to leave behind. But do not worry, everything will be ok, as long as you do your best to organise a good sorting. You might wonder what a «good sorting» means and how to achieve this miracle. There is no magic involved, the secret is simply to be well-organised. As long as you stick to the following steps your packing will go well.

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1-Sort out the time-consuming areas of your place
Time-consuming areas refer to the different areas of your place where you have been accumulating many items along the years, like your closets, your garden, your garage, etc. At the beginning, pressured by this huge work, you will feel helpless. Do not sit back: every problem has a solution. First, in each area, try to pile-up everything in the centre.Then while dealing with the reality, you will be able to think rationally about the number of items you can keep or not. It is a tough process but it is necessary to lead you in the right direction.
2- Make a list of your items
After piling-up, another thing that can be useful is to make a list of all the items you want to keep. Why? Simply because it will help you to take some distance. To do that, there is a specific process to follow: after having made the list, take a break, go to meet up some friends for a coffee for instance, but please do not do shopping. It is time to get rid of things remember. After that return and check out the list again. Try to be realistic and pragmatic as much as you can.

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Radcliffe removals and Storage A good storing ensures a good packing
Radcliffe removals and Storage A good storing ensures a good packing

If you have time before booking your Radcliffe Removals and Storage firm, try to make an inventory, especially if you move far from Radcliffe. It is the best to make sure that if something happens to your belongings, you will be able to claim money to your insurance. Take pictures and record any information that can help you in case some of your items are missing like serial numbers for instance. Also indicate prices and purchase days. This inventory will help you also to get an estimate from the Radcliffe removal company you are planning to hire. Finally, apart from your belongings, you also have to think about your important documents. Make copies and keep the originals with you. If you do not do it the consequences could be very bad because it is sometimes impossible to ask for a second version of an official document.
4-Organise a bric-a-brac

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Organising a bric-à-brac can help you to get rid of any items you do not want to take with you, while enabling you to make a bit of money that might cover partially the cost of the Radcliffe removal. It needs a bit of organisation though: if you plan to sell some of your clothes, they have to be washed and items like lamps or vases have to be polished. If you want to make more people come do not rely only on word of mouth, print out some leaflets and distribute them in your neiborhing area, and further if you have time. Try to make the bric-a-brac as convivial as you can: bake some cakes, buy some juices, and make some coffee and tea. People will be likely to stay longer then and this might increase the number of their purchases.
After all of this, sorting will not have more secrets for you!

Guest article provided by: http://www.removalsmanandvan.org/man-and-van/SW3-van-rental-chelsea.html

Hope this article has been helpful in preparing you for your Radcliffe Removal and Storage Company

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