Removal Company In Bury

Removal Company In Bury

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Using a reliable & experienced Bury removals company to move your aquarium from house to house is your best Move!

If you have ever attempted to move house with your aquarium you will know that it’s not an easy task. Usually, we have to take in to consideration that some of our little swimmers will be unable to make it to the new home. Stress, different temperatures or low levels of oxygen in the water may be simply much too much for some of them. Sometimes the best solution is to sell your fish or to give them away and purchase new ones when you are settled into your new place. However if you are not willing to part ways with your fishy friends you might find this article useful.

Removal company Bury moving fishtank
If you want your Bury removal firm to move your aquarium with minimum stress for fish you have to remember that it’s two part job:
fish transport
aquarium transport
Let’s start by preparing our fish for transport. Remember that there is a lot of stresses ahead of them so don’t feed them on the moving day. You can feed the fish the day before but don’t put any food into the transportation containers because it will contaminate the water. Don’t worry about them starving; fish can survive without food for up to a week. Catch your fish and put them into the containers or bags and with some aquarium water. Remember that the transportation of aquarium fish is a delicate matter, so make sure that all containers are tightly closed and that the bags properly fastened. Keep the bags and containers carefully packed and not near any sharp items to avoid leaks.

Removal company in Bury
AA Removals Bury Get The Hands Up!

Try to dodge rapid temperature changes and make sure that if your move is longer than an hour away then you will need to oxygenate the water.

Take out all of your ornaments from the tank and put them into separate bags. If you’re afraid that they might get damaged, you can wrap the plastic bag in bubble wrap. It may sounds a little odd but the ornaments are usually sharp so there is a high chance they will destroy the bubble wrap if applied straight on the ornament. This can cause some foil leftovers in your new tank which might be mistaken for food by the fishes. Next remove the filter. Try not to let it dry because there is a lot of bacteria which will help restore P.H. and bacterial balance in tank. However, if you are travelling long distance then the filter must be cleaned and dried. Sometimes it can be easier to buy a new one. Dry your heater and light and wrap it as you would other fragile items to avoid breakages.

Removal company bury Moving aquarium
If you do have some live plants in your tank you will have to take just as much care with them. Place the plants in to separate plastic bags and make sure that they stay moist by pouring some aquarium water to the bag.
Dry the tank properly before moving and wrap in bubble wrap and blankets.
When you arrive in your new place put all your ornaments and gravel in. For starters, fill the aquarium only in part, and wait until the water reaches the correct temperature. The rest of the water will come from the containers or bags that currently hold the plants and fish. Remember that just after moving an aquarium and refilling an aquarium you need to immediately turn on the filter. This will oxygenate the water and start to help settle the water so that the fish can be returned to their habitat as soon as possible. If your tank still needs additional water you can gradually add the water over the next few days as to not destabilise the bacteria development in the tank.

These preparation tips are very important and must be carried out before booking your removal company in Bury

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  • 28/05/2014 at 5:22 pm

    This way, you can compare companies side by side without incurring any extra risk.
    Some complete assistance moving companies would raise the price on the day of the shift and cause
    scuffles. If you are not in the mood of spending much on moving, the moving service provides the facility of
    a trailer.

    my webpage – vero long beach movers

  • 22/02/2015 at 2:56 pm

    I am looking to purchase a new tank and its in Wigan ,its 54L by 30H by either 24 or 30W its a full set up (empty) but will need either transporting as whole unit then removing plumbing from tank to move separately as it can only fit around the side of my house then through patio doors to re assemble. Both parties are unable to assist as we have back injuries. The Wigan end there is a lift from the flats to the foyer as its a converted Mill.
    can you please quote for the job.

    thanks Bill

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